Tom Davis


Jennifer Skene-Tiso

Programs Assistant

John White


Jennifer Moshier

Municipal Agent/

Social Services

To contact any of the staff, please call (203) 263-2828 or use the contact form.

Loryn Ray, MPH

Director, Senior Services

Karen Blanchet

Office Manager

Woodbury Senior Center

Staff Directory

Senior Services Brochure

Bob Hughes


Donna Cole

Chef on Site Program Manager

Larry Bainer


The Commission for Seniors and the Friends of the Woodbury Senior Community Center have created a Woodbury Senior Services Brochure,full of information to assist older people in Woodbury and those who care about them.  You can find out who delivers prescriptions, find local rental housing and much much more. Click here for a downloadable copy .

About Woodbury Senior Center

Woodbury Senior Center is the home of the Town of Woodbury's Department of Senior Services. The Center community includes our members, staff, our Commission members, the Friends of the Woodbury Senior Community Center, and the many, many members and volunteers. All are all committed to our Mission, "To act as a community focal point, and provide age-related information, programs, services, and links to other resources that promote an independent lifestyle for town residents." providing all seniors the services to meet their needs. To that end, the Center is Woodbury's focal point on aging-related issues, providing both direct services, and resources to help Woodbury residents and families live well well into their lives.