Woodbury Senior Center

Woodbury Senior Community Center is honored to be one of the first 9 centers in CT to be chosen to offer the Aging Mastery Program. This national flagship program of the National Council on Aging is helping older adults prepare for the opportunities and realities of living well as we age longer in the communities where we live. Want to know more?  Click here!

Are you a master at aging?  The Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) encourages mastery—developing behaviors across many dimensions that will lead to improved health, stronger financial security, and overall well-being.

By participating in this program, you will:

  • Make and maintain small but impactful changes in your health behaviors, financial well-being and enrichment in later life.
  • Get REAL incentives and rewards for taking small steps that can improve your well-being.
  • Meet new friends, provide support and encouragement to your peers, and become more involved in your community.

This program meets over 10 weeks, features weekly speakers and interactive activities, is valued at more than $100 per person, and – thanks to generous support from Connecticut Community Foundation and Anthem - is FREE!

Update:  With two sessions of AMP completed, our graduates are using their new skills and resources to make the most of the gift of longer lives.  Our next session will be in early spring of 2019;  sign up now for limited spaces!