Health and Wellness

  • Blood Pressure Checks with Pomperaug District Department of Health
  • Ask-a-Nurse Health consultations with a caring registered nurse
  • Happy Feet Podiatry Clinic - foot care with low copays for eligible adults
  • Annual Flu and Pneumonia Shot Clinics
  • Relaxation Station - our unique wellness room where older adults may schedule therapeutic massage, accupressure, Reiki sessions, and more from credentialed providers at a reduced rate
  • Weight Loss Club - a supportive group meeting weekly to hold each other accountable for health eating
  • Support Groups- for women, those with concerns about aging, veterans issues and more


Staying socially connected is so important; it's a predictor for healthier later years and successful aging. Here at the Center, you'll find many options for exercise, lifelong learning, community engagement and connection. Here are a few samples. Programs are always being added; Check out our newsletter and calendar for details on current classes and programs.

Lifelong Learning and Leisure

The Center is home to a full range of programs and activities. Stay mentally sharp and active; a great key to living a full life at any age. Programs change monthly, but here are a few samples:

  • Creative arts programs like art appreciation, watercolor classes, beading, crafting, knitting circles, music appreciation,  name those tunes, and more
  • Lectures and programs on topics ranging from making the most of your investments to meditation, from gardening with native plants to pain management...always something new!
  • Multi-week classes for writers, readers, history fans, and more
  • Cards and games groups like Scrabble, word search, Canasta, backgammon and chess
  • Cooking classes and nutrition demos - from cooking for one or two to fancy foods
  • Travel - one day and overnight trips to fascinating locations!
  • Just for fun events - because who said growing older has to be dull?!

...and so much more!  Programs are always changing to meet the needs of our community, and your ideas are welcome. You are welcome here.

Exercise and Fitness

  • Pilates - a classic mat class focusing on core strength and flexibility.
  • Strength Training - a calm, slow class using handweights and repetition to build bone and muscle mass and improve strength.
  • Balance Training - a 30 minute class focused specifically on those exercises proven to help improve your standing balance. Perfect for those who have balance concerns or who haven't exercised in awhile.
  • Indoor Walking Class - walk with friends!  We use video to stay motivated and stay moving.
  • Tai Chi - slow, flowing movements done in sequence.  Tai Chi is clinically shown to improve balance, maintain or increase flexibility and is good for stress management too!  Excellent for those with joint issues.
  • Gentle yoga - a flowing yoga sequence that will help with balance, strength, relaxation and stress release.  Another great offering for those with joint concerns.
  • Fitness Fury - a moderate seated and standing full body workout with music.
  • Cardio Dance - a high energy class with classic dance workout moves and music

Woodbury Senior Center

Call the Center for more travel information, itineraries and reservations!  (203) 263-2828

Community Engagement

Stay connected to our community. Programs at the Senior Center include those which bring older adults and the larger community together!

  • Intergenerational programs at the elementary and middle schools
  • Senior Pass to Nonnewaug High School events - free admission to most sports, arts and performance events
  • Lectures, programs and demos with area community service groups, clubs and organizations
  • Service and volunteer opportunities to benefit local non-profits
  • Information and referral services for local service providers
  • Discount programs through programs like Chimney Cleaning, etc
  • Local Late Lunch and Early Bird Suppers - an opportunity to visit local eating establishments with friends with no transportation or parking worries.
  • Ticket services - cooperative programs with local performing arts organizations to allow you to purchase your tickets at the Center.
  • Income tax preparation assistance - through AARP
  • Safe Driver Classes - through AARP
  • Meals on China -partnering with local restaurants to  create special occasions for those who cannot go out